The cost of traveling on a budget

The cost of traveling on a budget

I have been about a month on the road now. The first two and a half week living in 3 or 4 stars hotels in Russia, Mongolia and China. The last week and half I have been living in hostels sharing the room with up to 7 other people. What I have realised during this month is that you can be a tourist without spending a lot of money. As I have a travelbudget I would like to stick to so that I can keep traveling until next summer I have started recording my expenses.

If you look at my expenses a part of it is a bed for the night but the majority is food. I like to eat and to break up the day I have also bought coffee or tea at a cafe everyday. The interesting part is that a coffee cost from about 20 yuan (26 sek) and upwards. If you add cake to your calculation my brake at the café costs me about 50 yuan (68 sek). My lunch normally costs between 30-40 yuan (40-55 sek). The subway costs from 3 yuan up to 8 yuan (I think) so 4 sek to 11 sek. One of the bigger expenses is train tickets between the different cities but as I don’t want to be on constant move there might be one per week in general. I have also chosen sleeper trains on longer distances so you spend the night on the train instead of the day if you take a bullet train.

The difference is in how you travel. I am studying on distance at the university and therefore need to spend some time doing coursework. And as I will be traveling for 9-10 months I don’t want to cram my days with tourist things. Rather I will do one tourist thing per day and some days like yesterday TWO things. I have spent some mornings studying and if there has been bad weather sometimes the whole day. Or to be honest, part of the day studying and part of the day on the internet reading blogs. If I had added my own room to the calculation (in a hostel) I would have needed to double my daily budget from 380 yuan (500 sek) to about 760 yuan or (100 sek). If I would have chosen to live in a hotel I would have needed to triple my budget. This is of course based on that I travel alone. So what is most important more time to travel or comfort?

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