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I believe Xi’an is most known for it’s famous terracottaarmy that was found about 40 years ago approximately 30 km outside of the city center. The find was made by a farmer that was digging for a well. It was found about two kilometers from the grave of the first emperor of China Qin Shi Huangdisom that died 210 b.c. About 2000 soldiers of the 8000 soldiers that has been believed to exist has been digged out. The army is shown in three different digs where one of the them is a huge structure.

What is impressive is the amount of work that went to this funeral. It took 36 years to accomplish the soldiers and the horses that make the terracottaarmy. Think about spending 36 years of planning a funeral. Sounds a bit boring if you ask me. I would rather be living. The soldiers all have different features on their faces, so every head is unique.

Parts of the exhibition
More soldiers

I took an arranged tour to see the army because I felt lazy and felt that I didn’t have the energy to figure out all the parts of going there. There is a bus going from the train station to the site. In the end I don’t think the price difference is that big. If you want to know a little bit more of what you see a tour might be recommended. Our guide was pretty difficult to understand and a little bit to disorganized and to technical with all the dates of emperor this and that for my taste. But on the other hand I like to explore in my own space.

Even though most of the people come to see the terracottaarmy, there is also other things to see in Xi’an. The wall of Xi’an is going through the old parts of Xi’an. You can walk all the way around the wall or even bike. If you are lazy you can take a golf cart around the wall. I took a brief walk on the wall due to rain. If the weather had been nice I would probably have walked the whole wall.

The wall

The muslimmarket is the third must to see thing in Xi’an. It is this huge market with mostly food stalls. There are a alot of different dishes sold but lamb skewers are a must according to most of people. There are stores selling a lot of dried fruits and other mysterious stuff. I like to walk inside and look at all the different things sold. The noise and amount of people is an experience in itself. The sellers are screaming out their wares or at least I think they are doing it because my chinese knowledge extends itself to hi.

The muslim market

As I will be on the road for almost a year I have decided one tourist thing per day is enough so if you expect to hear a lot about different things to do this is not the blog. It is more my reflections of what I see. You will also get my top things to do in the places I visit.