Shanghai – top 3

Shanghai – top 3

Shanghai is a more modern city then Beijing. It is the city of highrises combined with some history. It is also the city known not to care about the history but rather development.

I like high places and if you also like it I can recommend a visit to Shanghai tower. It is the worlds second highest building with it’s 632 meter and the highest in China. After you have passed the security control you come to an area were you learn about different high buildings in the world. If you wonder were you can find the worlds hightest building the answer is in Dubail. According to my sister the view was not worth the price of seeing all that sand. I can tell you that it is worth to get to the Shanghai tower even though you had to pay 180 yuan for the cheapest ticket. One warning though, bring your passport because without it you cant buy tickets. One american couple got the surprise. By the way, you have to carry your passport with you in China. Up from the observation deck you got an 360 view of Shanghai. What struck me was that Shanghai is not built for cars or as I learned from an acquaintance that no Chinese cities are. Actually cars has gotten more common the last 10 years which explains the bad driving in China. The traffic feels like radiocars in a circus. So get up there! I also managed to get up there the only day with a blue sky in Shanghai.

Shanghai tower is the one on the right side

Although I am on a sabbatical I am still interested in the environmental field. So Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibiton hall were you can learn about city planning in Shanghai. It sounds really boring but they have a really nice photo exhibition of the city on ground floor with stunning photos of the city. They also have an exhibition about Shanghai in the past. You get an overview of the development of the city. Then we are at modern city planning, the Shanghai of today and in the future. There is an interesting part about the environmental plans for the city. The plan is a sustainable city with water that meets drinking standards, a city with even more subway lines. There are a lot of different goals that the city strives for. What strikes me is that there are actual numbers in place and you can follow the progress. If the city accomplice all that I am impressed.

The third one is the Bund. The place by the river were you can take pictures of the Pudong skyline and the old english style buildings on the other side of the river. It is an interesting mix of the modern and old. If you like to take selfies is the place for you.

Pudong skyline
The Bund

I also visited the French concession that is supposed to be a good mix of stores. As I am not in shopping mode and there were a lot of tourist crap I was a bit disappointed. It was a horrible crush.

As I only promised my top 3 places to visit in Shanghai enjoy!

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