A year away

A year away

This blog started with another intention that never really got my interest. Now it is more of a traveljournal with my reflections from my sabbatical year. It will probably also touch minimalism and FIRE-movement, i.e. financial indepence retired early movement, because that also interests me.

My journey started a little more then a year ago when I was tired of my workplace and I realized I needed to make a change. I could go looking for a new workplace or I could do something else. I did both. I didn’t get the position I applied for but I applied for it with the thought that I would go on a sabbatical if I didn’t get it. So I started saving money to be able to live a year without working.  After Christmas last year I took the final decision to go on a sabbatical. I had done the math and realized that after summer 2018 I would have the money to take at least a year off. I told my boss in January that I would like to take a leave of absence to study. Why study, you might wonder. If you take a leave of absence for studying your workplace can’t refuse the leave and you will not get thrown out of the social security system.  And as a so called responsible adult that is not something you wan’t to happen. My boss was not that happy about my decision or the year away. He thought I should postpone my sabbatical to the beginning of 2019 so that I would get more traction at work and take 5 months off. I didn’t like the suggestion so I stick to original plan. I applied for 3 courses at university and got accepted.

My trip started with the Transmongolian railway from Moscow to Beijing with stops at Irkutsk in Russian and Terelj nationalpark and Ulanbataar in Mongolia. I might get back to that part of the trip or maybe not. I made it with a friend of mine in a more middleclass way with first class cabins on the train from Moscow to Irkutsk and nice 3 or 4 star hotels. My friend left today and I left my fourstar hotel in Beijing and checked in to a hostel.

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